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Welcome to Conman Laboraties Gemini Server!
The Number 1 Gemini Server
(that is, the first one, not necessarily the best one)

This is your host, Sean.


* * * * *

This is the site of the first Gemini servers in existance. Things are
pretty rough around here as we work out what exactly is needed and what
isn't. If you want to check out the source code that runs this place:

News about this server
Gemini Request For Comments
Source Code
Source Code on Github
Alternative Link
Old link

And some other content you might find intersting:

A Simple Guessing Game
Gemini Client Torture Test
Text wrapping samples
We support CGI scripts!
The King James Bible
Quote O' the Moment
Test files
Outdated Docs
Old stuff

A Private Area is available for your perusal---all that's needed is a client
certificate to be presented. Any client certificate will do. Just create
one (there are many guides online for how to do it), and ensure it's
available when making a request to this area.

Private Area

There's also the Conman Labs Private Area. This is off limits to
non-authorized personel. Please contact about getting
access to this restricted area.

Conman Labs Private Area

Other Gemini Servers:

The First One
Project Gemini
(DEAD?) DGold
(GONE) Gemini Black
Tilde Black
(DEAD?) Red Consensus
Tilde Pink
mhj Gemini site

Thank you for your support.