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A tilde server of a different shade. is an open tilde
server, providing shell, email, and gopher accounts. We are a
gopher-only tilde using geomyidae to serve gopher pages, though we
are experimenting with running a gemini server as well.
runs on NetBSD. NetBSD is a unix-like operating system,
similar to Linux, but different in many ways. If you're up to the
challenge and want to learn new things, sign up today.

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03 Sep 19 - The gemini server is up and running. If you
are interested in running a gemini page, create a folder in your ~
folder called "public_gemini". Place a file in this folder called
"index.gmi". You'll be able to access your gemini page from an
URL like "gemini://". For more information,
check out the following link.

Project Gemini

31 Aug 19 - Basic services have been restored. Email is fully
functional from inside the shell. I'm still debating on whether
or not to install dovecot for imap/pop3 support. Backups are
correctly working now with keys remotely backed up. We also have
this gemini server, which is new!

28 Aug 19 - We had a major incident and are currently dealing with
damage control. Please join us on channel #pink on for
more information.