Status20 Success
Having forked stagit (via stagit-gopher) over to providing gemini output,
I thought it might be nice to have some repos of gemini software viewable
over gemini. If anyone would like their project added or removed from 
this list please e-mail: sloum AT rawtext DOT club

Note: I have not set up any automation for pulling changes yet. As such,
      you may be viewing an older version of any of these repos. Please
      visit or pull the actual repo to view the latest and greatest.

Repos last updated: 2020-01-17 8:03PM PST

[ Clients ]

Name                  Description                              Last commit
asuka                 An nCurses based Gemini client written…  2019-11-19 09:12
AV-98                 Experimental VF-1-derived client for t…  2019-11-05 17:58
bombadillo            "Hey dol! merry dol! ring a dong dillo…  2020-01-04 20:48
castor                A graphical browser for plain-text pro…  2020-01-17 15:32
elpher                A gopher/gemini client for GNU Emacs     2019-12-12 18:58

[ Servers ]

Name                  Description                              Last commit
germinal              A gemini protocol server in Common Lisp  2019-07-27 16:57
GLV-1.12556           The First Gemini Protocol Server         2020-01-16 07:42
jetforce              An experimental gemini server            2020-01-13 02:52
molly-brown           The Unsinkable Molly Brown: a full-fea…  2020-01-12 12:39
shavit                A Gemini server written in Go            2019-12-20 18:54
pollux                A gemini server                          2019-08-12 16:18

[ Tools, Libs, Plugins, etc. ]

Name                  Description                              Last commit
agena                 Gemini-to-Gopher proxy written in Pyth…  2019-09-21 19:28
atomini               Create an Atom feed from a Gemini map.   2019-10-17 13:06
dillo-gemini          Gemini protocol plugin for Dillo.        2019-12-08 05:34
gegobi                Gemini-Gopher bi-hosting tool            2019-11-19 20:43
go-gemini             client and server library for Gemini     2019-11-16 20:43
gusmobile             A simple library for making Gemini pro…  2019-10-10 22:26
stagit-gemini         Fork of stagit-gopher that ports the o…  2020-01-18 03:42