Status20 Success
You are about to start the Gemini client torture test.  The tests start out
easy, but over time cover more and more corner cases in the Gemini
specification.  The first few tests involves sending requests to a Gemini
server.  The very first test checks if your client will recognize a link
with a full URL and text.

If you receive a status of anything other than '20', it is an error on the
part of your client.

Good Luck

List of tests

0000 Index page
0001 Link-full URL with no text
0002 Link-no scheme with text
0003 Link-no scheme, no text
0004 Link-full path, text
0005 Link-full path, no text
0006 Link-relative path, text
0007 Link-relative path, no text
0008 Link-full path, parent directory, no text
0009 Link-full path, parent and current directory, no text
0010 Link-parent directory from hell, no text
0011 MIME type-utf-8 charset
0012 MIME type-iso-8859-1 charset
0013 MIME type-us-ascii charset
0014 MIME type-extra parameters
0015 MIME type-non-standard parameter
0016 MIME type-parameters in different order
0017 MIME type-parameters are case-insensitive
0018 MIME type-charset value case insensitive
0019 Link-other URL schems with text
0020 Link-other URL schemes, no text
0021 Link-data: URI schemes (silly test)
0022 Redirect-continuous temporary redirects
0023 Redirect-continuous permanent redirects
0024 Redirect-continuous random temporary or permament redirects
0025 Redirect-continuous tempoarty redirects to itself
0026 Redirect-continuous permanent redirects to itself
0027 Redirect-redirect to a non-Gemini link
0028 Link-link line wrong way round
0029 Link-link line wrong way round, relative link
0030 Link-link line only text, no link
0031 Link-bad character data
0032 Link-blank link line
0033 Link-blank link line part II
0034 End of Tests