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# On two-digit status codes

I've read solderpunk's latest post on
two-digit status codes and have updated
my server accordingly. I don't feel
strongly enough about it to take a
stance either positive or negative. It's
fun to be on the bleeding edge though!

# On

SPC saw my post about how text/gemini
should reflow text, and he pointed me to
the RFC that recently published:


Thanks for the heads up! It's nice to
see that somebody else has also though
about this. Here are some comments that
I have about it:

> text/gemini; charset=ISO-8859-1

The section about charset makes perfect
sense to me and mimics what I already
have implemented on my server. I can't
think of a particularly good reason to
use a non UTF-8 encoding, but I don't
see any reason to prohibit it. If you're
using a system library that can handle
UTF-8, it should be trivial to switch
out the encoding when reading a file.

> text/gemini; charset=US-ASCII; format=flowed

I’m not super excited about the idea of
adding a “fixed”/“flowed” parameter.

What will likely happen is that some
servers will end up using the “fixed”
format exclusively, and some servers
will use the “flowed” format
exclusively. That creates a rift between
the two spheres of servers, kind of like
the divide that WWW has between
responsive websites and non-responsive

What would I do if I was writing a
mobile client and the server responded
with a “fixed” format menu? Do I refuse
to serve the page? Do I cutoff the text
at ~50 characters wide and force the
user to scroll back and forth
horizontally? Both of those are pretty
crummy experiences for the user.

Using the "flowed" format exclusively
reduces complexity for gopher clients,
and servers can always revert to
"text/plain" if they want to show off
some ASCII art or monospace formatted