Status20 Success
# Updates to my HTTP-Gemini proxy

I've made a bunch of fixes and updates
to my gemini proxy server over at:


I wasn't happy with the overall quality
of the codebase (it's a single page
flask app), and I ended up re-writing
large parts of it. I feel a lot better
now. Here's the changelog in no
particular order.

- Improved layout for mobile devices.
- Added a favicon.
- Added a shortcut link to jump to the
  parent directory.
- Re-organized the placement of
  navigation links.
- Added a new link to view the server's
  public certificate as plain text
  (thanks openssl!).
- Better error handling for invalid
  domains and other network errors.
- Better error handling for invalid
  gemini URLs.
- Status codes now include their short
- Gemini URLs are now embedded in the
  path instead of a query parameter,
  which results in shorter and more
  readable URLs.
- Added support for viewing images and
  mp3 files directly in the page.
- Added native support for text/plain
- Downloaded files are now given better
  default names.
- Locked down gemini requests to port
  1965 for security reasons.
- ANSI escape codes are now removed from
  inline text documents.