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Site Update: Removing Hard-Wraps

In accordance with the recent updates to the gemini specification with regards to text formatting:
spec-spec v0.10.0

I've made a pass through my entire gemini site and removed hard-wrapping at 40/80 characters for all text/gemini (".gmi") files.

I'm happy to make this change. Even though it might not have been exactly what I was hoping for (I would have liked to keep the ``` preformat blocks), it's a solid step in the right direction.

Updating files by hand started to get tedious, so of course I wrote a little script to get me ninety-percent of the way there:

I've also updated by gemini-HTTP proxy to respect the new formatting type:

This was ridiculously easy to accomplish in CSS using "white-space: pre-wrap".

<pre style="white-space: pre-wrap">...</pre>

For now, I've also removed the [markdown] shortcut link at the top of the proxy page. You can still access the old markdown mode by appending "?reflow=2" to the URL. I will likely add this back at some point in the future, as more discussions arise for extra markdown syntax.
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