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A Simple Markdown Proposal for Gemini

I have put together a new dialect of markdown that I think would be a good
compliment for the design principles of Gemini. It allows clients to reflow
text to fit their display size, while providing content authors with access to
page formatting elements like headers and lists. The goal would be to
eventually standardize "text/gemini" documents to use this flavor of markdown
instead of plain text.

This project should be considered *alpha* status and is not a formal proposal.
I'm not even sure if I want "text/gemini" to use a standard markdown format at
all. However, I think it can be helpful from a design perspective to see some
real code examples of how this might flesh out.

The full specification is described in this text document. The document itself
is also formatted using the proposed markdown style:



I wrote a simple parser in Python to demonstrate how easy it is to extract an
AST (Abstract Syntax Tree) from the markdown file:

Here's what the design document looks like after running it through the parser:



I also put together some examples that demonstrate how the AST can be rendered
into different formats to be displayed by the client. Of course, this step is
optional and "dumb" terminal clients can always just display the raw markdown

Here's a script that renders the AST as an HTML document:

Here's a script that renders the AST as plain text using VT-100 escape codes
for terminal colors.